Legal Aid

37c9cb12-426d-4935-affd-9459de426bae The Ivo Legal Aid program provides free legal representation and counselling to very poor and vulnerable indigent remand inmates that cannot afford the cost of securing legal representation for themselves. Under this program, priority will be given to remand inmates who have been awaiting trial for a very long time and those who are victims of human rights violations.

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Care of children of Incarcerated persons

prisonerWe offer specialized and comprehensive care to children of prison inmates (inclusive of counselling, family re-integration, and educational/vocational training). Through its care program, carried out in partnership with the Nigerian Prison Service, Ivo Foundation facilitates the effective implementation of the Child Rights Act within the Nigerian Prisons.

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Economic Empowerment

Eco empowermentImprisonment of one or both parents brings sorrow to families and the incarcerated individual. Through the Economic empowerment program, Ivo Foundation provides among others, skill training and small business start-up grants for ex-prisoners as well as education scholarships to their children and other children from indigent homes in order to reduce the rate of criminal recidivism and encourage them.

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We are to promote…

The evolution of a society where access to justice to the poor and vulnerable people especially women and Children in prison and effective implementation of the Child Rights Act within the prison system is enhanced

Provision of support for prompt access to justice to Awaiting Trial Persons, foster care arrangement to children of imprisoned inmates and empowerment of the less privileged in the Society.